Sunday, June 20, 2010

Relief Society Lessons - 2010

6-Jun: Presidency Message
13-Jun: Gospel Principles #10, “The Scriptures”
20-Jun: Gospel Principles #11, “The Life of Christ”
27-Jun: Teachings for Our Time: Elder Russell M. Nelson - "Generations Linked in Love" p. 91

4-Jul: Presidency Message
11-Jul: Gospel Principles #12, “The Atonement”
18-Jul: Gospel Principles #13, “The Priesthood”
25-Jul: Teachings for our Time: President Thomas S. Monson - "He Is Risen!" p. 87

1-Aug: Presidency Message
8-Aug: Gospel Principles #14, “Priesthood Organization”
15-Aug: Gospel Principles #15, “The Lord’s Covenant People”
22-Aug: Teachings for our Time: President Boyd K. Packer - "The Power of the Priesthood" p. 6
29-Aug: Combined – Bishop’s Choice

5-Sep: Presidency Message
12-Sep: Gospel Principles #16, “The Church in Former Times”
19-Sep: Gospel Principles #17, “The Church Today”
26-Sep: Teachings for our Time: Sister Julie B. Beck - "And upon the Handmaids" p. 10; Elder M. Russell Ballard - "Mothers and Daughters..." p. 18

3-Oct: General Conference
10-Oct: Gospel Principles #18, “Faith in Jesus Christ”
17-Oct: Stake Conference
24-Oct: Teachings for our Time: President Dieter F. Uchtdorf - "You Are My Hands" p. 68
31-Oct: Combined – Bishop’s Choice

7-Nov: Presidency Message
14-Nov: Gospel Principles #19, “Repentance”
21-Nov: Gospel Principles #20, “Baptism”
28-Nov: Teachings for our Time: Unknown

5-Dec: Presidency Message
12-Dec: Gospel Principles #21, “The Gift of the Holy Ghost”
19-Dec: Gospel Principles #22, “The Gifts of the Spirit”
26-Dec: Teachings for our Time: Unknown

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